well,i ain't updated this site in a while because the numnuts that were SUPPOSED to be helping me with it pretty much said the hell with it, so as of now it is my solo project

Welcome to the dragonball z recruiting center, this area of the site is dedicated to attacks and character stats

page under heavy construction

Hi, this is not the actual site for the ultimate strategy dbz rpg, the actual site link is here. below is a number of pictures, to check the stats and attack list of a character, click that character's pic. (note: just because a character is on this list does NOT mean that character is occupied or available.) This is simply a list of all the characters i could think of when i did this site, if you want to find out about the availability of a character or tell me of a character that slipped my mind email me at ska_ter_88_88@yahoo.com and i will eventually get back to you, the characters are on a first come=first serve basis, and now what you've been waiting for.

(NOTE: some of these links may not have a redirect and/or have a pic but don't stress out cause i am working on it)

goku - protector and savior of earth

Vegeta - prince of entire sayian race

Gohan(specify either teen or adult) - son of goku

Piccolo - reincarnation of evil side of kami

Radditz - evil brother of goku

Nappa - side kick of vegeta in the evil sayian saga

Frieza - evil alien who wants to take over the world

Dabura - ruler of hell who eventually turns into a pansy

Trunks - teenager from the future sent back to help the z fighters

Krillin - goku's former training partner, and still best friend

Yamcha - former bandit, and boyfriend of bulma

Tien - former rival of goku in child years

Brolly - the legendary super sayain

android 16 - robot built for the sole pourpose of destroying goku

android 17 - male sibling of diabolical twins who love destruction

android 18 - female sibling of diabolical twins who love destruction

cell - android designed from living cells of all the major charactors in dragonball z